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Planning Nursing Home Care in a Blended Family

Placing a loved one in an elder care facility can be a challenging experience. In the case of a blended family, it becomes all the more complicated. Here are a few tips to help blended families navigate nursing home care decisions. 

Have an Open, Honest Conversation

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An expert can help with your elders

One of the top things you can do to prepare a blended family for nursing home care is to have an open and honest conversation. Generally speaking, a person’s biological children are tasked with caring for an elderly family member. However, everyone can play a role when dealing with a blended family. By having a transparent meeting, you can openly discuss how everyone can come together to make the process run more smoothly. 

Bring in Experts

Another great thing you can do as a blended family to support your aging loved one is to bring in experts. Many people are unaware that there are experts who can help families with everything from counseling services to finance management and much more. Experts are essential because they can provide information based on their experiences with other blended and traditional families who enrolled their aging family members in nursing home care. 

Pool Resources

Lastly, make sure you pool your resources. Unfortunately, not all blended families are large or have enough people to handle all the duties associated with caring for your aging loved one. However, by pooling your resources, you can look for things such as free services and even collect or raise money to ensure all the necessities can be paid for. 

Overall, enrolling your loved one in elder care does not have to be a traumatic experience. By having an open, honest conversation, bringing in experts, and pooling your resources, you can make it a relatively seamless experience for all parties involved. 

Paths Law Firm is an elder law firm devoted to legal issues commonly experienced by seniors including incapacity planning. Our team can assist with establishing long-term care benefits such as Medicaid and VA for the payment of in-home, assisted living, and nursing home costs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help. 

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