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Appointments Available: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment Only
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Estate Planning
retirement planning

Business Planning

With years of the legal experience needed, we concentrate on providing comprehensive business planning solutions personalized for your individual needs.

From structuring limited liability companies (llc), to partnerships, to corporations, we strive to safeguard assets to succession planning and tax optimization, the attorneys’ expertise ensures your business is legally sound and poised for growth.

Crafting Your Legacy: Wills & Trusts Expertise

Our experienced elder law attorneys specialize in tailoring Wills & Trusts to meet the unique needs of families across the Kansas City Metro area. We recognize that every client’s situation is distinctive, and our commitment is to provide personalized solutions that stand the test of time.

In the ever-changing landscape of life, having a comprehensive estate plan is paramount. Wills and Trusts stand as pillars of protection, ensuring that your wishes are not only heard but honored.

Your Partner In Success:

At Paths Law Firm, we go beyond legal counsel – we become your strategic partner in business success. With a deep understanding of the local business landscape and a commitment to excellence, we strive to guide you through every step of the business planning journey.

Structuring your business for longevity and protection.

Strategically passing the torch to the next generation and coordinating with your estate plan.

Safeguarding your hard-earned assets from unforeseen challenges.

Maximizing benefits and minimizing liabilities for sustained financial health.

Secure Your Business Legacy Today:

Don’t leave the future of your business to chance. Partner with an experienced business law and estate planning attorney in the Kansas City Metro Area who understands the nuances of businesses.

Common Case Studies

Client Profile:
  • Clients: The Browns
  • Location: Overland Park, Kansas
  • Legal Needs: Estate Planning and Business Planning
  • Services Provided: Paths Law Firm


The Browns, a dynamic couple with a visionary spirit, were poised to embark on an exciting new entrepreneurial journey. However, they recognized that the success of their business venture hinged on two crucial aspects: effective estate planning and sound business planning. To ensure that both their personal and professional interests were well-protected, they sought the expert guidance of Paths Law Firm, a trusted Kansas City business planning and estate planning law firm.


The Challenge:

The Browns understood the importance of laying a strong foundation for their new business. They also recognized that their estate planning needed to be aligned with their entrepreneurial goals. They faced the challenge of integrating these aspects seamlessly while ensuring compliance with local and federal laws. Their desire was to safeguard their assets, protect their family’s financial well-being, and secure the future of their business.


The Solution:

Paths Law Firm, known for its expertise in estate planning and business law, embarked on a comprehensive strategy to address The Browns’ unique needs.


  1. Personalized Estate Planning: The first step was to create a personalized estate plan that encompassed wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. Paths Law Firm meticulously ensured that The Browns’ estate plan not only protected their personal assets but also considered the future needs of their business.

  2. Business Planning: Recognizing the significance of the Browns’ business venture, Paths Law Firm meticulously crafted a business plan that included legal structures, partnership agreements, and strategies for asset protection and succession planning. This ensured that their business interests were secure and aligned with their long-term goals.

  3. Local Expertise: As trusted attorneys in the Overland Park, Kansas area, Paths Law Firm leveraged its deep understanding of local regulations and requirements to customize a plan that adhered to all relevant laws, enabling The Browns to operate their business smoothly.


The Outcome:

Paths Law Firm’s dedication to The Browns’ case culminated in a comprehensive and tailored solution that surpassed all expectations. The Browns now have peace of mind, knowing that their personal assets, family’s future, and their new business venture are all protected. Their estate planning and business planning seamlessly complement each other, making their transition into the business world worry-free.



The Browns’ journey with Paths Law Firm showcases the vital role a trusted Kansas City elder law attorney and estate planning expert can play in securing both personal and professional futures. With meticulous estate planning and business planning, The Browns are well-prepared to embark on their new business venture with confidence, knowing that their legacy is safeguarded.

If you’re looking for expert guidance in estate planning, business planning, and elder law in the Kansas City area, Paths Law Firm is your go-to partner. Let us help you write your success story, just like we did for The Browns. Contact Paths Law Firm today and embark on a worry-free future for you and your business.


Case Study Description:

Discover how Paths Law Firm, a trusted Kansas City law firm focusing on estate planning and business planning, transformed the dreams of a dynamic couple, The Browns, into a reality. Explore how Paths Law Firm seamlessly integrated personalized estate planning and business planning to secure The Browns’ assets and ensure the future of their new business venture. With deep local expertise in Overland Park, Kansas, the firm crafted a comprehensive solution that offers peace of mind to the Browns, bridging the gap between personal and professional success.

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