Appointments Available: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment Only
Appointments Available: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment Only
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Wills And Trusts in Belton, MO

Missouri Estate Lawyer Specializing in Wills and Trusts

For over 25-years, our focus and mission have been helping seniors and veterans protect their assets and make long-term care plans. We help our clients understand and navigate the legal process associated with estate law so you feel confident in your choices. If you need to talk to an estate attorney regarding Wills and Trusts in Belton, MO, Paths Elder Law is here to assist. 

Talk to Missouri Estate Lawyer About Asset Protection

Protecting your assets and possessions is what we do best! Take charge of your estate and possessions with a legally binding estate plan. Set up an appointment with a Missouri Estate Lawyer about asset protection to secure your long-term care plans and the distribution of your assets after your inevitable passing. 

Asset protection may be used to:

  • Deter nursing home costs, Medicaid, and government agency consideration
  • Prevent family disputes and greedy family members
  • Protect assets from litigation or creditors

When to Start Estate Planning to Protect Your Assets

It’s never too soon to start making plans for your estate. The sooner you plan your estate, the sooner your assets will be protected.

We help you make plans for all of your assets and what should happen to them after you die or if you should become physically and mentally unable to communicate your wishes. 

Setting up trusts, writing a last will and testament, and appointing guardianship and powers of attorney are all part of protecting your assets. 

Set Up Appointment With An Estate Attorney in Belton, MO

Talk to a Belton, MO estate attorney to discuss Wills and Trusts and secure your future.

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