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For over 25-years, we’ve focused our mission on helping clients with VA Program Benefits in Blue Springs, MO. We specialize in elder and veteran estate law, helping clients navigate and understand their legal options to protect themselves, their families, and assets. If you have an elderly parent in declining health, are looking forward to retirement, or simply want to make legal estate plans to solidify your future, our elder law attorneys are here to help.  

Legal Steps to Assigning Guardianship for A Person

It’s a misconception that you only need to appoint guardianship for minors. However, there are also times when appointing guardianship for an adult person becomes necessary. Making these tough decisions in good time will save you a lot of trouble and worry in the future.  

Legal steps to appointing a guardian for a minor or an adult:

  • Meet With Missouri Guardianship Attorney
  • Meet With Experienced Probate Paralegal and Attorney
  • Filing Court Documents and Scheduling a Hearing
  • Court Review
  • Court Ruling

Appointing Guardianship for Adults

While most people appoint guardians to care for their children in the event of a tragedy, there are also times when an adult in the family will require a legal guardian. If you have an elderly family member, maybe a parent or grandparent, who is in declining health, appointing a guardian will give you peace of mind and protect your loved ones when they cannot protect and care for themselves. 

Adult guardianships are beneficial for adults who are either physically or mentally unable to care for themselves and communicate their needs and decisions. 

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