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Appointments Available: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment Only
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Senior Estate Planning in Raymore, MO

Legal Advice on Senior Estate Planning For Seniors and Veterans

Our mission is to help clients with Senior Estate Planning and to navigate common issues facing seniors and veterans in Raymore, MO. For over 25-years, we’ve been the leading elder law attorneys, listening to clients’ concerns and helping clients navigate the many options for planning their estate and making arrangements for their own long-term care. 

Seek Legal Advice on Dealing With or Avoiding Probate

When a person with property and assets passes without an estate plan with clear instructions for asset and property distribution, when no arrangements have been made, a probate judge will be in charge of determining whether the last will and testament are legally binding and should be followed. 

Avoid probate court by: 

  • Working with a legal expert on a comprehensive estate plan
  • Write a last will and testament
  • Setting up living trusts
  • Assigning medical and financial powers of attorneys 
  • Assigning guardianships

Benefits of Avoiding Probate Court

Without an estate plan, the decedent’s estate will be in the hands of the court and can be a tough legal battle that is hard to navigate. Also, consider the state of mind your family is in after your passing. 

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an emotional time and dealing with the probate court to make legal arrangements for your assets is the last thing the family needs to go through. 

Proper estate planning gives you peace of mind while you are alive that once you pass, your assets are protected, and there are legally binding instructions for how assets should distribute them, and to whom. 

Probate Court is Expensive

Probate court is expensive and can drag out, depending on the size of your estate, outstanding debt, or the lack of legal paperwork and instructions for your property and assets. In our estimation and experience, the probate court can cost up to 4% of the property’s value in question. The entire process can take up to one year and be a huge burden on your family. 

Estate Planning for Seniors and Veterans in Raymore, MO

Avoid legal problems after your passing with a comprehensive estate plan created with our elder law experts’ legal advice and expertise. We make the process efficient and reliable, so you can plan for your later years and rest assured that your assets are properly preserved and protected. 

Call our legal team in Raymore, MO to talk about Senior Estate Planning.

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