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Appointments Available: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment Only
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Elder Law in Lee’s Summit, MO

Legal Experts Specializing in Elder Law For Seniors and Veterans

For over 25 years, we’ve focused our legal services on seniors' and veterans’ common and specific needs.  We work with clients to clarify and explain options for estate planning and long-term care. If you need legal advice about Elder Law in Lee’s Summit, MO, contact our legal team today. 

Legal Advice on Writing Wills and Trusts

The two biggest questions we get from seniors and veterans are writing a last will and testament and setting up a trust. It’s important to understand the difference, allowing you to make the smartest decisions about your estate and assets. 

Living Will and Testament vs. Trusts

A big part of our job is to present all your legal options when planning for the inevitable and unforeseen circumstances. You never know what life may bring; we help you make legally binding decisions about the distribution of assets. 

Writing a will and setting up trusts are two of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your assets and ensure that you have a plan executed without problem after your passing. 

Last Will and Testament

The last will and testament make arrangements for asset distribution and allocation after your passing. You get to decide how your assets are distributed, who gets what and assign powers of attorney to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. Our legal team will work with you to ensure that your last will and testament are legally binding, following both local and national laws.

Without assigning beneficiaries for your property and assets, the distribution of your estate will be handled and allocated by a probate judge, which is both time-consuming and costly. 

Living Trusts

A living trust makes arrangements for your assets before you pass, creating a contract with specific instructions for how the trustee is to use and distribute the assets listed in the trust. The main benefit of setting up a living trust is to avoid probate court since the assets and possessions have already been allocated to the trustee. 

Get Legal Advice on Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Lee’s Summit, MO

Our legal expertise is rooted in providing unbiased information on issues common to seniors and veterans regarding estate planning, asset protection, and making arrangements for long-term care. Talk to an expert in the  Lee’s Summit, MO area and get your estate in order.

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